Ms.Boogie is a Afro-Latina Brooklyn based MC and activist. Sex appeal, independence and the power of femininity are at the top of her agenda as an artist. She stands tall at the intersections of underground and Mainstream Media as a Black Trans Woman in the genre of Hip Hop. She has dedicated her artistry to building a bridge between the avant-garde and conventional gaze of Rap & Hip Hop . Ms.Boogie was published in Vogue Mexico's December'21 print issue, The New York Times, and she was recently acknowledged as a “Talented Emerging Artist Making Their Mark on the Musical Landscape in 2021" in Peoples Magazine.

Her music is rooted in amplifying the narratives of Black Trans Woman, a narrative which is often erased in Black Pop Culture. With Records like 'Fem Queen' and 'Dickscipline' she manages to not only represent her existence but also heal Black Trans Women by simply making them feel seen while simultaneously educating her audience who may not be privy to the realities she faces within her experience.


  • ‘Fem Queen’ Single, July 2021, Produced by: Axl Beats, Independent release, Vocalist, Co-Writer

  • ‘Dickscipline’ Single, February 2021, Produced by: BooBoo, Independent Release, Vocalist, Writer, Producer

  • ‘Jesus Loves Me Too’ Album, July 16, 2017, Independent release, Vocalist, Co-Writer, Producer

  • ‘Allure’ Debut Album, December 2015, Doom Dab Records, Vocalist, Writer, Producer


  • Oberlin College Performance, August 2021, Oberlin, OH

  • ‘D Appointment’ July 2021, Brooklyn, NY

  • ’The List Performance’ w/ The Black Trans Femmes Artists Collective (BTFA), June 2021, New York, NY

  • ‘NYC Pride Artist Spotlight’ June 2021, New York, NY

  • Co-Teaching, 2021, Boston University, LGBTQIA Domestic and Sexual Violence Coalition of MA, Boston, MA

  • ‘Chicago Pride Performance’, Cramer PR, May 2017, Chicago, Illinois

  • Speaking Engagement, 2017, The New School Queer Students Coalition, New York, NY

  • The Body Tour, Summer 2016, European Tour

  • ‘The Body Tour: College Edition’ 2016, Tri-State/Northern America

  • ‘The Body House’ 2016 at Soho House, New York, NY

  • Hard Serve Club Performance, March 2022, NYC

  • Subzero Club Performance, Philadelphia, March 2022, NYC

  • Assembly performance by Rashad Newesome, March 2022, NYC


  • Black Queer Excellence Creators Award, 2016, Morehouse College: The BQEC award is in recognition of Black Queer creatives on the brink of innovation and legacy in their creative fields.